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Kidney Enlargement Initial Stage: Is That A Major Problem

2015-10-27 16:52| Font Size A A A

Kidney Enlargement Initial Stage: Is That A Major ProblemKidney enlargement is a condition in which a kidney is larger than its normal size. Some common diseases may cause the condition. Without timely controlled, it will progresses into Kidney Failure stage. Well then, is that a major problem if you are in the initial stage of kidney enlargement? That’s to say, is it serious if you are in the condition?

The common cause of an enlarged kidney:

Generally, kidney enlargement is a symptom of an underlying disease or disorder of the kidneys. In clinic, some disease can cause this to occur include Polycystic Kidney Disease, kidney stone, and unilateral hydronephrosis.

The possible symptoms of an slightly enlarged kidney:

There are some common symptoms of enlarged kidney and if you are suffering from more than 2 symptoms mentioned, you should pay highly attention to your kidney’s health.

Back pain-As kidneys enlarge, they start to put pressure on the abdominal cavity and the back. Due to this, the patients may feel pain in abdomen, sides or back.

Swelling-As the kidneys fail and become enlarged, fluids cannot be processed properly and begin to accumulate in the ankles, abdomen, lower back and face. It is sometimes noticed when a patient experience rapid weight gain that cannot be attributed to other causes.

Changes in urination-When the kidneys cannot handle increased amounts of fluid intake or fluid retention caused by caffeine and alcohol, they can become enlarged and the patient either urinates more often than usual or feels the need to urinate more often.

Kidney Stones-Kidney stones can be both cause and symptoms for enlarged kidneys. It increases the risk to develop kidney infection which may show up along with back pain, flank pain etc.

Through the above analysis, we can see that no matter which stage you are in with the kidney enlargement, you should be alert and look for available treatments. Any questions, you can email to us at or leave a message below directly and we are always here to help you!

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