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How Serious Is Renal Parenchymal Disease

2015-05-16 18:47| Font Size A A A

How Serious Is Renal Parenchymal DiseaseRenal parenchymal disease refers to a condition in which the outermost internal region of the kidney is damaged. Well then, how serious is renal parenchymal disease? If you have any questions, you can email to or leave a message below directly.

The causes of renal parenchymal disease.

It is reported that autoimmune disorders, medical conditions, or obstructions may all contribute to the disease such as glomerulonephritis, chronic pyelonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, urinary tract obstruction, reflux kidney disease, hydronephrosis, interstitial nephritis, etc. Besides, renal vascular diseases can also damage renal parenchyma if there is inadequate blood, oxygen and necessary nutrients to the parenchymal renal tissues.

How serious is renal parenchymal disease?

Since renal parenchymal disease will affect kidney functions, patients will develop a series of symptoms including renal parenchymal hypertension, renal anemia, fluid retention and swelling, protein in urine, blood in urine, frequent urination, etc. When more than 90% kidney functions are lost, patients will develop the symptoms of end stage renal failure or Kidney Failure eventually.

Well then, how to prevent renal parenchymal disease from kidney failure?

In our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, we do use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The treatment combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicines. The treatment can help dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrade extracellular matrix and so on. Through these functions, kidney damage can be well improved and kidney function can be well improved from the root.

In addition, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Hot Compress Therapy, Immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy can be available for patients with kidney damage. And our doctor will elect the best treatment options according to your illness condition. If you have interest to know more details, please be feel free to contact us and we are always here to help you.

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