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Chronic Kidney Disease

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What Would Be the Reasons of Chronic Kidney Disease

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What Would Be the Reasons of Chronic Kidney DiseaseIn recent years, the morbidity of Chronic Kidney Disease keeping raising. And more and more patients manage to look for the possible treatments to stop kidney damage. To be frank, only finding out the underlying causes of kidney disease, can you take effective treatment as early as possible. Well then, what would be the reasons of CKD?

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is characterized with a progressive loss in renal function over a period of months or years. Generally speaking, kidney diseases are always “silent” unless kidney damage progresses into advanced stage. You should know that kidneys have the important job of filtering your blood. They remove waste products and extra fluid and flush them from your body as urine. When your kidneys don’t work right, wastes build up in your blood and make your sick. If you are trouble in treating your disease, please don’t forget to ask our Online Doctor or email to

Causes of chronic kidney disease


Long-standing high blood sugar levels caused by diabetes is easy to cause damage to blood vessels in the kidneys.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension also can damage blood vessels, which can lead to damage in the kidneys. And blood pressure often rises with chronic kidney disease, so high blood pressure may further damage kidney function.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

As a genetic disease, polycystic kidney disease can lead to chronic kidney disease directly.

Urinary tract infection

Repeated urinary tract often turn into pyelonephritis which is an inflammation of the kidneys. Inflammation in the kidney worsen renal tissues seriously and thus kidney damage.

Adverse effects of medicines

Long-term use of medicines that can damage the kidneys, like celecoxib, ibuprofen and certain antibiotics.

All in all, diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common and leading causes of chronic kidney disease that lead to kidney failure. If you have the mentioned above the symptoms, you should do some tests so as to make a diagnosis.

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