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How Long Will Patients Stay in CKD Stage 3

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How Long Will Patients Stay in CKD Stage 3CKD Stage 3 is one of critical periods to take effective treatments, so as to timely stop or at least slow down the progression of illness condition. Left untreated, more and more kidney function and tissues can be halved. A concerned question “how long will patients stay in chronic kidney disease stage 3?” will have a heat discussion here. If you have interest, please read on.

Chronic Kidney Disease refers to a gradual of decreased renal function over a period of time. According to GFR (glomerular filtration rate), kidney disease is divided into 5 stages. As for stage 3 kidney disease, it has a moderate decreased kidney function. Actually patients may not suffer from any symptoms until illness disease develops into stage 3 kidney disease.

How long will patients stay in the stage kidney disease?

To be honest, it is very hard to predict accurate number for the question because very patient has different illness conditions. Therefore, if you want to get the exact time for yourself, you can submit your illness condition in the form below or talk with our Online Doctor directly and we will reply you within 48 hours. Though there is no specific answer for the question, here we prefer recommending some methods which can be helpful for controlling its development or even reversing it.

Well then, how to stop or control progress of CKD Stage 3?

First of all, Diet therapy is an important part of the treatment. Generally speaking, patients are suggested to have a low-protein and low-sodium diet. Other requirements can be done according to your illness condition.

Second, exercises like Tai Chi, jogging, yoga and so on can strengthen immune system and enhance immunity.

Last but not least, medical treatments play a significant role in treating kidney disease. Just like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it is a natural and fundamental treatment which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and advanced medical equipment. If you want to know more details, please be free to contact us. Best wishes!

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