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Protect Kidney Health in Daily Diet and Life

2015-01-13 16:50| Font Size A A A

Protect Kidney Health in Daily Diet and Life The lifestyles is closely related to kidney health and nowadays, the some people’s lifestyles can increase the kidneys’ burden to some extent, thus resulting in chronic kidney disease or Kidney Failure. Therefore, a well knowledge of healthy lifestyles will be helpful for avoiding disease. Well then, which life ways will induce kidney disease? Please read on.

1. Eat seafood and drink beer

Seafood are good source of protein, and eating too much protein like fish, shrimp, crab, etc, will increase kidneys’ burden because high protein intake can produce excessive uric acid and blood urea nitrogen (BUN). And high intake of alcohol is easy to lead to uricemia. And these habits also can induce the metabolic disorders just like hyperlipidemia.

2. Staying up, high-salt diet and no water intake

Long-term staying up, huge stress and intake of strong tea and coffee are a part of popular life. Actually, these life ways are likely to cause kidney problems. As for high-salt diet, it will increase blood pressure, reduce the blood flow to the kidneys, thus leading to kidney disease. If people do drink water for a long time and urine output will be reduced, the wastes and toxins in the urination will increase, thus inducing kidney stone and hydronephrosis.

3. Taking medicines wrongly or overdoes intake

Long-term intake or overdoes intake of Nephrotoxicity drugs will damage kidneys. These medicines include some herbal medicine like Guan-mu Tong, Guang-fang Ji, Qing-mu Xiang, etc. In addition, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), antibiotics such as pain killers.

4. Hold urine frequently

Holding urine frequently in bladder will increase the growth of bacteria, which is easy to cause urinary tract infection and nephropyelitis. Once it relapses, it will induce chronic infection and cannot be cured easily.

Up to now, I believe that you have a good understanding about how should you protect kidney health. Any questions, please feel free to contact our Online Doctor or mails to ***

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