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How to Care Your Kidneys at Home

2014-12-30 16:47| Font Size A A A

How to Care Your Kidneys at Home Whether your kidney function is normal or not has also a close connection with unhealthy living habits and behavior, aside from the influence of kidney disease itself. To well protect your kidneys depends on your participation and support. There are several tips for your reference.

1. Keep warm in autumn and winter

In autumn or winter, sensitive people are prone to suffer from kidney damage and dialysis. Because in the low temperature, the blood vessels become narrow, blood pressure increases, urination decreases, and blood coagulation forms. All of them can damage renal function.

In the condition, people can supply some nutritions like mutton, beef, etc.

2. Avoid the nephrotoxic drugs

Many drugs like pain killers, cold medicines, and Chinese herbal medicines or other medicines may contains some dangerous ingredients. Without any permission, you should never take these medicines. What’s more, the antibiotics and pain killers also have some side effects. Especially for patients who have got kidney damage, they should try to avoid the kind of medicines.

3. Don’t have a full stomach

A long-term intake of high protein and high salt will increase kidneys’ burden and damage renal function. In addition, extra electrolyte and salt within the sport drinks may lead to kidney damage, so you should keep cautious when you choose some drinks.

4. Cure your cold timely

If you are always with frequent cold, high blood pressure, swelling and bubbles in urine, you’d better see a specialized doctor.

5. Be cautious when you have a frequent Tonsillitis.

If you suffer from tonsillitis, it must be treated from the root. Otherwise, it may induce nephritis.

6. Drink water properly and don’t hold urine.

7. Control diabetes and high blood pressure

Poor controlling of blood sugar and blood pressure will lead to angiosclerosis. So far, both diabetes and high blood pressure are leading causes of kidney damage.

8. Stones in urinary system should be treated as early as possible.

9. Regular examination

It is better to do a urine test and blood test and blood urea nitrogen test within half a year.

If you or your beloved ones are suffering from kidney disease, please contact us and we will give your more professional suggestion on diet and treatment. Remember that our is available for you.

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