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Heart Failure: A Risk Factor of Renal Fibrosis

2013-10-01 09:23| Font Size A A A

Heart Failure: A Risk Factor of Renal FibrosisThe development of renal fibrosis to chronic kidney failure not only depends on the progression of renal fibrosis itself, but also the inducing factors. Among all the inducing factors, heart failure is the most serious one. It can worse the condition of renal fibrosis. It is also one of the cause of death of chronic kidney failure. Why heart failure is a risk factor of renal fibrosis?

With the increasingly decrease of kidney function, the incidence of heart damage increased. Heart failure will cause the contraction of kidney vessels and hypoxic-ischemic of kidney, accelerating inflammatory response, thus more renal inherent cells will be damaged. This is why heart failure will speed up the deterioration of renal fibrosis.

To lower the risk of heart failure, the root method is to block renal fibrosis, that is to prevent renal inherent cell necrosis and apoptosis and to block extracellular matrix proliferation.

The followings are the processes:

Dilating blood vessel. Dilating blood vessel can increase blood flow and oxygen capacity, which can alleviate the condition of hypoxic-ischemic of the kidney inherent cells, thus to decrease kidney inherent cell necrosis and apoptosis.

Anti-inflammation. Because inflammatory response is the main reason of the necrosis and apoptosis of kidney inherent cells, anti-inflammation is the effective means of protect kidney inherent cells.

Anti-coagulation. One one hand, blood coagulation could damage vascular endothelial cell, on the other hand, the process of coagulation is in fact the sedimentation process of fibrosis substance in blood. So anti-coagulation can help block the formation of fibrosis.

Degrading extracellular matrix. The increase of inflammatory cells and microthrombus could lead to the increase of extracellular matrix. So drugs must be used to degrade these extracellular matrix.

You may ask how to achieve these effects at one time? It is not a big problem with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy has been proved effective in blocking renal fibrosis and improve kidney function. The normal kidney function can reduce the risk of heart failure and thus to block renal fibrosis. You can contact the online doctors freely if you have any question!

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