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Christmas Tips for Kidney Disease Patients

2014-11-21 11:50| Font Size A A A

Christmas Tips for Kidney Disease PatientsIn western, Christmas is a grand festival and family members get together to enjoy delicious food, and beverages, happiness and so on. This year, 2014, Christmas is coming again. For people with kidney disease, I am afraid that they cannot eat food freely due to strict diet restrictions. Here we provide several Christmas tips for kidney disease patients.

In this day, people will enjoy a big dinner and there are many delicious food on the table such as pumpkin pie, fruitcake, gingerbread, mince pie, trifle, roast turkey, shrotbread, cranberry sauce, Christmas pudding, satsumas, eggnog, apple cider mixed nuts in the shell and spiced nuts, brevas dessert with cheese and so on. Among them, some are beneficial for kidney health while some are bad for kidney. Actually, there is no certain answer for what you can eat or not with kidney disease, because the illness condition is different from case to case. But there are general dietary tips which can as your reference.

First, don’t skip meals before a holiday dinner.

Second, make the right choices at the dinner table. (ask your renal dietitain about what you can eat and what to pass on before you have a Christmas dinner.)

Third, pay attention to the protein intake. The dinner should not be looked at as a free-for-all when it comes to eating. Eating your food slowly and controlling protein intake can help reduce the kidneys’ burden and protect kidney health.

Fourth, make a conscious choice to limit high fat items, including fired foods, creamy dishes and cakes which can be high in potassium and sodium.

Fifth, ingest more calcium. Patients with kidney disease often have the shortage of calcium, which can cause severe renal osteopathy, so it is important for patient to take foods that can supply abundant calcium, like broccoli, blackberry, date fruit.

Six, keep away from caffeine, alcoholic and carbonated beverages.

All of above is the Christmas tips for kidney disease patients and I sincerely hope you can benefit a lot from the passage. And we do sincerely hope you can enjoy a wonderful Christmas Day. Have any questions, welcome to leave a message below or mail to and we are glad to help you.

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