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Best Medications for Fluctuating Blood Pressure

2014-11-04 09:57| Font Size A A A

Best Medications for Fluctuating Blood PressureFluctuating blood pressure is something that happens to everyone, and blood pressure can be lower than the normal range and it also can be higher than the normal range. Among them, high blood pressure is one of leading causes of kidney damage. Therefore, a well controlled of blood pressure plays an important role in slowing down the progression of illness condition. Well then, what are the best medications for fluctuating blood pressure?

Before taking any medicines, you should make clear whether we are really suffering from fluctuating blood pressure. It usually changes in the whole day and some people tend to have a lower blood pressure in the morning, while their blood pressure rises in the afternoon.

When you are diagnosed with fluctuating blood pressure, antihypertensive agents are necessary. Since patients with high blood pressure are at the high risk of getting Hypertensive Nephropathy, taking medications with antihypertensive medicines is recommended to you. The common medications include ACEIs (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors) and ARBs (Angiotensin Receptor Blockers). But what I want to emphasize is that a proper dosage of these medicine is very important and the you should take these medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Franking speaking, some patients complain that they have side effects like nausea, vomiting, etc. Therefore, the western medicines are not the ideal treatment for fluctuating blood pressure.

Well then, how to do?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we do prefer recommending natural therapies like Traditional Chinese Medicine. What’s more, on the basis of TCM, the latest treatment is also created and widely used in clinical. Namely, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines which is applied to dilate blood vessels, promote microcirculation, increase blood and oxygen supply, reduce inflammatory response and well control blood pressure. What’s more, it not only can relieve the kidney disease symptoms,but also can repair kidney damage. Any questions, please feel free to contact us: asking our online doctors directly or leaving a message below and we are glad to help you.

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