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Is Ciprofloxacin Safe to Take in Stage 4 Kidney Disease

2014-10-17 10:12| Font Size A A A

Is Ciprofloxacin Safe to Take in Stage 4 Kidney DiseasePeople who are on stage 4 kidney disease means that the kidney has got severe damage and effective treatment should be applied as early as possible. How to repair severe kidney damage? Is ciprofloxacin safe to take in stage 4 kidney disease?

Let’s see what are the functions of ciprofloxacin?

This kind of medicine is a widely used antibacterial agents in clinic, and it has been proved to be effective at treating various infections and viruses such as urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal tract infection, upper respiratory tract infection, joint infection, skin infection and so on. Although it has so many functions, it does not mean that patients can take it freely.

Well then, can stage 4 kidney disease patients take this medicine?

Actually, if patients suffer from various infections like urinary tract infection, etc, your doctor may prescribe ciprofloxacin which is used for relieving inflammatory. But what I want to emphasize is that the patients should keep in touch with their doctor so as to adjust the dose of medicines along with the changes of illness condition.

However, it has been reported that ciprofloxacin does cause damage to renal tissues and functions. Long-term intake of this medicine, it will increase the risk of elevated levels of creatinine and blood urea nitrogen. In addition, people who have serious renal impairments should avoid taking ciprofloxacin because it can cause renal damages and many side effects such as twitch, etc. Besides, those that have serious arteriosclerosis and seizure should also avoid ciprofloxacin. For children, adolescents, gravida and women of breast-feeding period should also avoid ciprofloxacin.

Therefore, we can see that ciprofloxacin has both advantages and disadvantages for people who are diagnosed with kidney disease. Whether you can take ciprofloxacin with Stage 4 Kidney Disease or not, you can email to or leave a message below directly.

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