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How Does Hydronephrosis Cause Numbness and Pain

2014-09-16 11:43| Font Size A A A

How Does Hydronephrosis Cause Numbness and PainOne CKD patient visited our website and consult us a question: can hydronephrosis cause numbness and pain? For his question, I will discuss this topic in the article, and if you are interested in it, please read on.

Hydronephrosis, literally “water inside the kidney”, refers to distension and dilation of renal pelvis and calyces, usually caused by obstruction of free flow of urine from the kidney. Untreated, it leads to progressive atrophy of the kidney and cause numerous symptoms, including numbness and pain feelings. Well then, how?

Hydronephrosis can also result from the reverse flow of urine from the bladder back into the kidneys. This reflux can be caused by some of the factors listed above as well as compression of the bladder outlet into the urethra by prostatic enlargement or impaction of feces in the colon, as well as abnormal contractions of bladder muscles resulting from neurological dysfunction or other muscular disorders.

The water retention in the kidneys, ureter and bladder will induce the symptoms of bloating or swelling. it can be caused by a number of internal and external conditions that affect the kidney and the kidney urinary collecting system, like swelling kidneys. And these performance will induce pain feelings such as kidney pain, stomach pain, flank pain, nerve pain and so on.

Through the above analysis, we can see that hydronephrosis is very dangerous sign for kidney disease patients. Well then, how to deal with this condition?

In most condition, surgery may be applied. However, there is a risk that an infection could spread into your blood. Compared to surgery, there is a natural remedy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. It is an external application of Chinese medicine and under help of osmosis device, the active ingredients will permeate into kidney lesions and thus achieving the goals of repairing kidney damage, providing the nutrition to the blood as well as protect renal function. As long as renal function can come back to normal, numerous symptoms will disappear accordingly. More details, please email to and we do sincerely hope you can get a recovery ASAP. Or you can leave a message below directly.

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