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How Fast Chronic Kidney Disease Progresses

2014-08-16 20:42| Font Size A A A

How Fast Chronic Kidney Disease ProgressesChronic Kidney Disease is a progressive disease and it is uncurable. Due to this reason, more and more patients with kidney disease are concerned about their life expectancy. The following contents are excepted to be helpful for you.

Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD refers to gradual decline of renal function over months or years. According to GFR, it can be divided into five stages. Generally speaking, the lower GFR is, the more serious of kidney damage will be. What’s more, patients under stage 4 kidney disease are promising to be well controlled with timely and effective treatment in most cases. As for how fast chronic kidney disease progresses, there is no specific answer and that’s need to depend on the patients’ individual illness condition. During onset of illness, patients may suffer from high blood pressure, proteinuria, blood urine, fatigue, vomiting, and so on. According to statistics, it shows the average progression rate of Chronic Kidney Disease is 3% and for patients with proteinuria and hematuria, it is 5%.

Although there is an average progression rate of Chronic Kidney Disease, the real situation is greatly different from individual to individual. In some cases, patients may suffer from acute kidney failure when there are aggravating factors like cold and infection.

Therefore, the early treatment is important to control the progression of the illness condition. At our Treatment Center point, we recommend you Blood Pollution Therapy. It uses various techniques to clean the waste products in the blood and offers the necessary substances that our blood needs to restore original hematopoietic and blood circulation mechanism of the patients patients. This therapy is preferred natural treatment to repair renal injures and restore renal function naturally. If you are interested in this therapy, please leave a message below or email to

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