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What Happens When Your Kidney Function Is at 4

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What Happens When Your Kidney Function Is at 4Kidney function is at 4? Oh, my god! It is terrible and kidney have nearly stopped working. Then, what happens when your kidney function is at 4? If you are have a similar question, please keep reading and you will find out related info. If you still need more or individualized info, please feel free to tell us. And our is always available for you.

As we all know, for healthy people, renal function is between 90% and 125%. And according to the percentage of renal function, kidney disease is divided into five stages.

Stage 1 kidney disease: renal function is above 90%

Stage 2 kidney disease: renal function is from 60-89%

Stage 3 kidney disease: renal function is between 30-59%

Stage 4 kidney disease: renal function is about 15-29%

Stage 5 kidney disease: renal function is less than 14%

Through the above dates, we can see that renal function 4 is in stage 5 kidney disease, also called ESRD. It is the most severe stage of kidney disease, and in this stage, almost of all kidney function can disappear and patients will suffer from a variety of discomforts or symptoms.

Lower urine output or anuria

Lower or no urine output is one of the most obvious and serious symptoms. It is well know that our kidneys are in charge of producing urine, while, for stage 5 kidney disease patients, due to severe damage kidney, they fail to remove excessive water as they once did. Over time, more and more fluid will accumulate in the body, causing water retention. In slight condition, they may induce swelling, while in severe cases, patients even have no urine output.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is one of the most serious signs of the patients, which in severe case may lead to death to patients.

Other symptoms

Fatigue, severe swelling, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, frequent hiccups, anemia, and so on.

All in all, kidney function 4 indicates severely loss of renal function that excessive wastes, toxins and metabolite are unable to be removed out of blood flow, thus causing imbalanced water, electrolyte and acid-base of internal environment. It is worth noting that without timely and effective treatment, patients under such circumstance will enter into irretrievable consequence.

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