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How Long Before CKD Develops into ESRD

2014-06-29 01:28| Font Size A A A

How Long Before CKD Develops into ESRDA person who are experiencing gradual decline of kidney function can be called chronic kidney disease patient. And this kidney disease is divided into five stages. How long before CKD develops into ESRD?

Actually, in the early stages of kidney disease, like stage 1 and stage 2, there is no symptoms or discomforts and it is easy to be ignored by patients. So many patients are diagnosed with CKD stage 3 directly once they realize there is something wrong with their kidney. In this stage, patients will suffer various symptoms due to moderate decline of kidney function, like proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, edema on legs, ankles even whole body, anemia and so on. As for stage 4 kidney disease patients, there is severe drop on renal function and GFR is at 15-29ml/min. It is too low so that patients begin to worry about their lifespan. ESRD is the abbreviation of end stage renal disease, also called stage 5 kidney disease. It is the last stage and can be directly called Kidney Failure. In this stage, patients will suffer more serious symptoms than the former.

To be frank, there is no specific answer about the question how long before CKD develops into ESRD, as the exact illness condition differs greatly from case to case. All in all, the earlier treatment is taken, the longer you can live.

In reality, many facts can affect the progression condition of CKD. For people with early stage kidney disease or stage 3 CKD, they can stop, at least delay CKD stage 5 through taking the following measures:

1. Make a kidney-friendly diet plan. You need to consult our Online Doctor for an individualized advice.

2. Do regular blood test, urine test, etc to monitor the progress of illness condition.

3. Tightly control of numerous symptoms, such as high blood pressure, proteinuria, swelling, anemia, hematuria and so on.

4. Avoid kidney infection and avoid having flu and fever.

5. Keep away from alcohol and smoke.

6. Try to Chinese medicines like Hot Compress Therapy which can help improve kidney function and slow down the progress of illness condition to a large extent. Wanna details, please attach your medical report to, and we will try our best to help you.

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