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How Long Can Someone Stay in CKD Stage 3

2014-06-12 16:09| Font Size A A A

How Long Can Someone Stay in CKD Stage 3CKD is divided into five stages, and CKD stage 3 is a moderate stage, in which most patients begin to notice the symptoms caused by their disease, but their condition is not too late too control. Well then, if patients find they have stage 3 CKD, how long can they stay in this stage?

Chronic kidney disease progresses slowly, and it will damage patient’s kidney function gradually, which can cause patients to have many health problems. Kidney disease is very dangerous, because kidney is in charge of our body’s internal metabolic balances. When it is damaged severely enough, many metabolic disorders will appear, which can cause many health problems. In this process, many factors can affect patient’s prognosis, like habitus, complications, treatment and nursing care, diet, life habits, etc. Besides, what kind of CKD patients have can also affect patient’s prognosis obviously.

Thereby, it is hard to predict the prognosis of patients in CKD stage 3, but as we hvae said, CKD is a disease which progresses slowly, so it will need a long period for CKD to progress from stage 3 to stage 4. In fact, most patients with stage 3 CKD can at lest stay in this stage for several years, and there are also patients who can stays in CKD stage 3 for more than ten years, which is achieved by proper diet restriction, life habits and well nursiong care, etc

However, if patients can not protect themselves well, their condition can be aggravated obviously. For example, infection is a problem which can aggravate patient’s condition obviously, and there are also patients whose condition progresses into kidney failure in a short time after they are infected.

Thereby, kidney disease is very dangerous, and patients should take measures actively to deal with their condition. If you have any trouble in dealing with your condition, you can contact our online experts. We will do what we can to help you.

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