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The CKD Stages, Symptoms and Dietary Treatment

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CKD(chronic kidney disease) is a general terms of most kidney diseases like glomerular nephritis, nephropyelitis, IgA nephropathy, diabetes kidney disease, etc. If you do not have a clearly concept to CKD, please follow me. Here I will introduce you the stages, symptoms and diet treatment of CKD.

The stages of CKD

The CKD stages are mainly based on the estimated GFR(glomerular filtration rate). Generally, there are five stages of CKD.

Stage1: GFR is over 90ml/min. The kidney function is normal at this stage .

Stage2: GFR is 60-89ml/min . The kidney function is mildly decreased.

Stage3: GFR is 30-59ml/min. The kidney function is moderately decreased.

Stage4: GFR is 15-29ml/min. The kidney function is severely decreased.

Stage5: GFR is lower than 15ml/min. This is called the end-stage kidney failure.

The symptoms of CKD

There is no evident symptoms of CKD in an early stage. So you should pay more attention when you suffer with these symptoms.

Anemia: damaged kidney fails to make the normal red blood cells to maintain the energy of our body. If you are easy to be tired, you should go to a doctor.

Swelling: one of the kidney function is to remove the excessive water. Th e failed kidney can not remove the excess water and it will build up in your body. Swelling often occurs in eyelids, legs, ankles.

Proteinuria: proteinuria is an initial sign of CKD. The impaired kidneys are not able to prevent protein leaking out and there will be much foam in your urine.

Urination changes: the urine will be tea clour or red color if there is blood. You will urinate mor times at night.

Dietary Treatment

Diet is an important aspect of treatment. A correct and healthy diet can help preserve kidney function and slow down kidney damage. The followings are the suggested diet for patients with CKD.

Low protein intake: patients with kidney disease should limit protein intake. The amount that should be taken will according to the kidney function. When there is no evident kidney damage, you do not need to limit protein intake. But if you have sever kidney damage, protein intake should be limited properly, especially the vegetable protein.

Low salt intake: patients with swelling and hypertension should be careful in salt intake, for sodium which is the main component of salt will increase swelling and hypertension.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, exercising and not smoking and drinking is necessary to keep health. I hope through the above general introduction to the stages, symptoms and diet treatment of CKD, you have a better understanding of CKD. If you still have questions, you can ask the online doctors or leave a message below, we will try our best to help you!

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