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Ways to Improve Kidney Function and Prevent Dialysis in Stage 4 CKD

2014-05-30 09:29| Font Size A A A

Ways to Improve Kidney Function and Prevent Dialysis in Stage 4 CKDFor stage 4 CKD patients, some of them are no strangers to dialysis. However, not everyone is willing to have it. Here, we will introduce some ways to improve kidney function and prevent dialysis in stage 4 CKD.

Keep a healthy diet

People with Stage 4 CKD are highly recommended to stay away from foods that are loaded in salt, sugar, fat, protein. Because these foods can cause extra burden on the kidneys. In stead, they can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables(It is necessary to consult with your doctor before eating these foods, as some of the foods are rich in potassium or phosphorus).

Kick of bad habits

In daily life, some bad habits can break down the body’s immune system, causing damage to the intrinsic renal cells of kidneys. So, they should take moderate exercises regularly, quit smoking and drinking, avoid staying up late and maintain a consistent sleep pattern, etc.

Effective treatments

Effective treatments are vital to stage 4 CKD patients’ health. At our center, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy can be used to repair the injured renal cells and restore kidney function. If treatments are taken appropriately, there is big chance to prevent dialysis or lower its frequency. If you have interest in this, please email us your medical report immediately.

Traditional Chinese herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine has a thousand years of history and it can be used to treat may disorders including kidney disease. Generally, herbs including dandelion roots, cranberry and cordyceps sinensis can be good choices. If you want to know what kind of herbs are suited for condition, please feel free to have a nice talk with our Live Doctor!

After the above introductions, we really hope you can learn a lot about ways to improve kidney function and prevent dialysis in stage 4 CKD. Good luck!

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