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CKD Basics

3 Bad Habits Can Damage Kidneys Easily

In the following, we list three bad habits. They can damage kidneys easily. If you do not want your kidneys to be damaged further, you should know them clearly and give up them as early as possible. Kidney is an important detoxification org...Read More

Can Kidney Patients Go for Sauna

Can kidney patients go for sauna? Sauna can help you sweat so as to discharge toxins out of the body. But for kidney patients, it is better not to do it. Now go on reading to learn more information. What does the sweat from sauna include? 9...Read More

How to Determine the Risk of Relapse of Kidney Disease

When proteinuria and hematuria turn negative, it does not mean your chronic kidney disease is cured. Because the disease may come back now and then. How to determine the risk of relapse of kidney disease? Read on to learn more information....Read More

How to Judge Pathological Type of Kidney Disease Without Renal Biopsy

When a kidney patient is diagnosed with kidney disease, the doctor makes a clinical diagnosis. Clinical diagnosis can determine whether it is glomerular disease or renal tubular interstitial disease; Nephritis Syndrome, Nephrotic Syndrome,...Read More

What Are the Criteria for Diagnosing Renal Insufficiency

If renal insufficiency comes, can uremia be far behind? Today lets talk about the significance of renal insufficiency in the treatment of kidney disease. What is renal insufficiency? Broadly speaking, renal insufficiency begins from kidney...Read More

Three FAQs About Kidney Disease

Is kidney disease incurable? Can kidney disease develop into kidney failure certainly? Can I only do dialysis with kidney failure? Many patients ask similar questions every day. Today we will explain them to you in detail. 1. Is kidney dise...Read More

Renal Biopsy for Kidney Patients

Although renal biopsy has been used in clinical practice for years, many patients till do not know it clearly so that they miss the best chance of diagnosis and treatment. In the following, we will learn renal biopsy from three aspects. 1....Read More

These Kidney Disease Is Incurable, and Will Progress into Uremia

Many renal patients ask: Doctor, will my disease progress into uremia? Uremia is one of the most concerned topics for almost all renal patients. But you may also know that uremia is not the end of all patients. Based on years of clinical ex...Read More

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